Technical Committees

Note: Task Forces do not have web pages until a work plan is completed and the Task Force becomes a Technical Committee.

List of Technical Committee Liaisons - updated 11/09/2015

Traffic Safety


Pavement Marking Materials (PMM)
Portable Changeable Message Signs & Flashing Arrow Panels (PCMS/FAP) 
• Raised Pavement Markers/Snowplowable Raised Pavement Markers (RPM/SRPM) 
• Sign Sheeting Materials/Roll Up Signs (SSM/RUP)
Temporary Traffic Control Devices (TTCD)



Asphalt Release Agents (ARA) 
• Concrete Admixtures (CADD)
Concrete Curing Compounds (CCC)  
Corrugated Metal Pipe (CMP)
• Epoxy and Resin Based Adhesive Bonding Systems (ERB) 
• Portland Cement Concrete Joint Sealants (JS)
Warm Mix Asphalt Technologies (WMA) 

Precast Concrete Products (PCP) – This is a task force

Audit Programs

Erosion Control Products (ECP-SRD)  
Elastomeric Bridge Bearing Pads (EBB)
Geosynthetics (GTX & REGEO) 
Guardrail/Guiderail (GRL) 
High Density Polyethylene Plastic Pipe (HDPE PIPE) 
Polypropylene Pipe (PPP) 
Polyvinyl Chloride Drainage Pipe (PVC) 
Reinforcing Steel/Welded Wire Reinforcement (REBAR/WWR)



Polymer Concrete Overlays (PCO) 
Hot Mix Asphalt Crack Sealant (CS) 
Rapid Set Concrete Patch Materials (RSCP)
Spray Applied Non-Structural Pipe Liners (SAPL)
Structural Steel Coatings/Concrete Coating Systems (SSC/CCS)