Temporary Traffic Control Devices (TTCD)

Roadside delineators are widely used to supplant pavement markings. They are a form of "traffic control device" as defined by the MUTCD. Typically, roadside delineators are used on curvilinear sections of roadway, thereby enhancing the horizontal geometry so motorized vehicles may negotiate the curve. They are especially important roadway safety features during nighttime, or adverse weather, driving.

Roadside delineators may be flexible (plastics) or rigid (steel or aluminum). AASHTO/NTPEP only tests flexible roadside delineators. These may be either surface-mount or ground-mount style delineators. AASHTO/NTPEP conducts field performance testing, where a standard sedan impacts a test deck of delineators during summer and winter climate; the half year test constitutes a "test cycle." Also, laboratory testing is conducted on the sampled delineator specimens.

The national testing facility under AASHTO/NTPEP auspices is operated by Tennessee DOT. This is the same site used prior to NTPEP's inception under the SASHTO Regional Testing Facility.

Besides flexible delineators, NTPEP conducts field performance tests on workzone drums/barrels, which are commonly used in construction and maintenance workzones to delineate and "separate" the travel way from the workzone. Typical application of workzone drums is in a taper approaching when workzone. AASHTO/NTPEP initiates testing on workzone drums only in the winter/summer test cycle (not summer/winter cycle); industry recommended this cycle because it represented a more severe endurance test.

The NTPEP Technical Committee responsible for authoring the Project Work Plan convenes yearly at the NTPEP National (Annual) Meeting. During this working meeting, the Project Work Plan is discussed, changes made, and shortly thereafter balloted for adoption. Improvements are immediately implemented in the next available testing cycle. When compared to other standards development exercises, the NTPEP process is agile, effective and efficient.


Committee Name: NTPEP-Technical Committee on Temporary Traffic Control Devices
NameEmail AddressAgency NameDesignationMember Type
Gentry, Paul A paul.gentry@dot.state.fl.us Florida Department of Transportation Chair Voting
Hall, Heather heather.purdy.hall@tn.gov Tennessee Department of Transportation Vice Chair Voting
Sirianni, Jonathan jsirianni@aashto.org American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials Liaison None
Ingram, Steven ingrams@dot.state.al.us Alabama Department of Transportation Member Non-Voting
Hassan, P.E, Bashir A bhassan@azdot.gov Arizona Department of Transportation Member Voting
Byram, Karen karen.byram@dot.state.fl.us Florida Department of Transportation Member Non-Voting
Dewitt, Matthew Dewitt matthew.dewitt@dot.state.fl.us Florida Department of Transportation Member Non-Voting
Pelham, Michael Paul mpelham@indot.in.gov Indiana Department of Transportation Member Voting
Blackburn, Andrew Blackburn ABlackburn1@indot.IN.gov Indiana Department of Transportation Member Non-Voting
Sommers, Scott Michael scott.sommers@iowadot.us Iowa Department of Transportation Member Voting
Kerstetter, Joseph Joseph.Kerstetter@tn.gov Tennessee Department of Transportation Member Non-Voting
Lane, Danny L. danny.lane@tn.gov Tennessee Department of Transportation Member Non-Voting
Bassett, John john.bassett@txdot.gov Texas Department of Transportation Member Voting
Swisher, James James.Swisher@VDOT.Virginia.gov Virginia Department of Transportation Member Voting
Whitmore, Ted Jeffrey ted.j.whitmore@wv.gov West Virginia Department of Transportation Member Voting
Rizos, Linette linette.rizos@dot.wi.gov Wisconsin Department of Transportation Member Voting
Schulz, Craig M craig.schulz@pexco.com Pexco, LLC - Davidson Traffic Control Products Other None
Intagliata, John john.intagliata@trin.net Trinity Industries, Inc. Other None


Technical Committee
Heather Hall (Chairman)
Tennessee DOT
(615) 350-4105
Danny Lane (Vice-Chairman)
Tennessee DOT
(615) 350-4175
Karen Byram
Florida DOT
(512) 374-5407
Joe Kerstetter
Tennessee DOT
(615) 350-4193
Scott Koczman
Texas DOT
(512) 416-2073
Ross Mills
KY Transportation Cabinet
(502) 564-3160
Kent Kekeis, (ATSSA Rep.)
Safe-Hit, a division of Trinity Highway Products
(312) 705-8414  (800) 537-8958
Dave McKee
Impact Recovery Systems
(540) 424-9134
Craig Schulz
(253) 284-8005
Bill Ward (ATSSA Rep., Alternative)
Glasforms, Inc.
(800) 778-6002
Russell Dabbs
AASHTO Liaison