Rapid Set Concrete Patch Materials (RSCP)


Rapid-set concrete patch materials are used widely in the transportation industry, from horizontal applications for pavements; to vertical and overhead applications for bridges and structures. According to the NTPEP Project Work Plan which describes the ASTM- and AASHTO- test methods under which products are evaluated, "the study will look at both water based and non water based rapid setting materials used to patch portland cement concrete. These will include cementitious, latex modified, polymer resin, magnesium phosphate, and other materials expressly designed for patching portland cement concrete bridge decks and portland cement concrete pavements. In order to be classified as fast setting, the product must reach a traffic loadable condition (1200 psi compression) in less than three hours.

The NTPEP Project Panel responsible for authoring the Project Work Plan convenes yearly at the NTPEP National (Annual) Meeting. During this working meeting, the Project Work Plan is discussed; changes made, and shortly thereafter balloted for adoption. Improvements are immediately implemented in the next available testing cycle. When compared to other standards development exercises, the NTPEP process is agile, effective and efficient.

The next RSCP quarterly call is tentatively scheduled for 9/27/16 at 2:00 p.m​. Please contact the technical committee's liaison for call details.

Technical Committee Members
This roster is as up-to-date as AASHTO's official membership database. The columns are sortable by clicking on the column title. 

Committee Name: NTPEP-Technical Committee on Rapid Set Concrete Patching Materials
NameEmail AddressAgency NameDesignationMember Type
Reed, Nikita L nikita.reed@dot.state.fl.us Florida Department of Transportation Chair Voting
Mulcahy, Richard F richard.mulcahy@dot.state.ma.us Massachusetts Department of Transportation Vice Chair Voting
Wong, Maribel mwong@aashto.org American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials Liaison None
Eames, Alexandra Louise aeames@aashto.org American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials AASHTO Staff None
Dixon, Kidada C. dixonk@dot.state.al.us Alabama Department of Transportation Member Voting
Douds, Richard rdouds@dot.ga.gov Georgia Department of Transportation Member Voting
Winkelman, Melinda melinda.winkelman@illinois.gov Illinois Department of Transportation Member Voting
Ouyang, Chengsheng chengsheng.ouyang@dot.iowa.gov Iowa Department of Transportation Member Non-Voting
Jones, Kevin Kevin.Jones@dot.iowa.gov Iowa Department of Transportation Member Voting
Charoenpap, Richie richie.charoenpap@la.gov Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development Member Voting
Heyen, Wally J wally.heyen@nebraska.gov Nebraska Department of Roads Member Voting
Carmody, Brian Richard Brian.Carmody@dot.ny.gov New York State Department of Transportation Member Voting
Wutzke, Scott W swwutzke@nd.gov North Dakota Department of Transportation Member Voting
Young, Brad brad.young2@dot.state.oh.us Ohio Department of Transportation Member Voting
Miller, Patricia pimiller@pa.gov Pennsylvania Department of Transportation Member Voting
Short, Temple shorttk@scdot.org South Carolina Department of Transportation Member Non-Voting
Zwanka, Merrrill E zwankame@scdot.org South Carolina Department of Transportation Member Voting
Tremblay, M.S., P.E., Jason P jason.tremblay@vermont.gov Vermont Agency of Transportation Member Voting
Rublein, John john.rublein@dot.wi.gov Wisconsin Department of Transportation Member Voting
Kao, Grant gkao@ctscement.com CTS Cement Manufacturing Corporation | Rapid Set Other Non-Voting
Nelson, Mark mnelson@nelsontesting.com Nelson Testing Laboratories Other Non-Voting
Henry, Wendy M whenry@quikrete.com Quikrete Companies Other Non-Voting
Kosar, John M. jkosar@quikrete.com Quikrete Companies Other Non-Voting
Dubey, Ashish adubey@usg.com USG Corporation Other Non-Voting


Technical Committee  
Josh Welge (Chairman)
Kansas DOT
(785) 291-3825
Bill Real 
New Hampshire DOT
(603) 271-3151
Eric Pitts
Georgia DOT
(404) 363-7625
Brad Young
Ohio DOT
(614) 351-2882
Michelle Owens
Alabama DOT
(334) 353-6940
Maria Drozd
Maine DOT
(207) 622-8350
David Kotzer
Colorado DOT
(303) 398-6566
Rick Douds
Georgia DOT
(404) 608-4810
Patrick Galarza
New York DOT
(518) 457-4599
Jason Tremblay
Vermont Agency of Transportation  
(802) 828-6945
Jim Parry
Wisconsin DOT
(608) 246-7939
Merrill Zwanka
South Carolina DOT
(803) 737-6681
Doug Gayne
Maine DOT
(207) 624-3268
Alan Kegley
Mississippi DOT
(601) 359-1773
Robert J. Skalla
New Jersey DOT
Richard Nicholson (Industry Member)

(404) 863-7191

Dave DeBruler (Industry Member)
Dayton Superior
(913) 279-4800
Brian Korschgen  
AASHTO Liaison
(202) 624-8566