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PCMS/Flashing Arrow Panels

PCMS/Flashing Arrow Panels (PCMS/FAP)


Portable changeable message signs (PCMS) and Flashing Arrow Panels (FAP) are traffic control devices that are frequently used by Traffic Engineers to inform motorists of unusual driving conditions, and to guide traffic through work zones. Typically, a PCMS is housed on a trailer or on a truck bed and can be deployed quickly for meeting the temporary requirements.

Use of PCMS and FAP are generally defined in the MUTCD(1) : "Portable changeable message signs (PCMS) are traffic control devices with the flexibility to display a variety of messages to fit the needs of road and street authorities. Each message consists of one or more displays. PCMS are used most frequently on high density, urban freeways, but have applications on all types of highways where highway alignment, traffic routing problems or other pertinent conditions require advance warning and information."

The MUTCD further defines the use of Flashing Arrow Panels (sometimes referred to as "arrow display") as: "a sign with a matrix of elements. The matrix, capable of either flashing or sequential displays, is intended to provide additional warning and directional information to assist in merging and controlling traffic through or around a temporary traffic control zone. An arrow display should be used in combination with appropriate signs, barricades, or other traffic control devices.

The NTPEP Technical Committee responsible for authoring the Project Work Plan convenes yearly at the NTPEP National (Annual) Meeting. During this working meeting, the Project Work Plan is discussed; changes made, and shortly thereafter balloted for adoption. Improvements are immediately implemented in the next available testing cycle. When compared to other standards development exercises, the NTPEP process is agile, effective and efficient.

NTPEP Designated Lab:
  • ​Florida Department of Transportation

Technical Committee Members
This roster is as up-to-date as AASHTO's official membership database. The columns are sortable by clicking on the column title.
Technical Committee
Brian Hunter (Chairman)
North Carolina DOT
(919) 329-4092
Danny Lane (Vice Chairman)
Tennessee DOT
(615) 350-4175
Karen Byram
Florida DOT
(850) 414-4353
Kelly Croft
North Carolina DOT
(919) 329-4090
Doug Gayne
Maine DOT
(207) 624-3268
Paul Gentry
Florida DOT
(850) 414-4118
Scott Koczman
Texas DOT
(713) 802-5025


Dorian Haro (ATSSA Rep)
(651) 558-3533
Casey Inoue
American Signal Company 
(770) 448-6650 ext 128
Bill Ward (ATSSA Rep, Alt)
Glasforms, Inc.
(843) 813-8522
Russell Dabbs, AASHTO Liaison,, (202) 624-7743
Committee Name: NTPEP-Technical Committee on Portable Changeable Message Signs and Flashing Arrow Panels
NameEmail AddressAgency NameDesignationMember Type
Morgan, Jeffrey M Florida Department of Transportation Chair Voting
Gentry, Paul A Florida Department of Transportation Vice Chair Voting
Sirianni, Jonathan American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials Liaison None
Ingram, Steven Alabama Department of Transportation Member Non-Voting
Trujillo, Edward Anthony Colorado Department of Transportation Member Voting
Byram, Karen Florida Department of Transportation Member Non-Voting
Douds, Richard Georgia Department of Transportation Member Non-Voting
Pelham, Michael Paul Indiana Department of Transportation Member Voting
Blackburn, Andrew Blackburn Indiana Department of Transportation Member Non-Voting
Galarza, Patrick New York State Department of Transportation Member Voting
Lane, Danny L. Tennessee Department of Transportation Member Voting
Rizos, Linette Wisconsin Department of Transportation Member Voting
Inoue, Casey American Signal Company Other None