About NTPEP Annual Meetings
The Upcoming 2015 Annual NTPEP Meeting

Scottsdale, AZ - Sunday, May 17th through Thursday, May 21st, 2015


Past NTPEP Meetings

Greenville, SC May 18 - 22, 2014
  • Technical Committee minutes and attendance sheets have been combined into one PDF and posted on the Meeting Minutes page of each technical committee. Available presentations are posted with them.




Pittsburgh, PA April 21 - 24, 2013 


About NTPEP Annual Meetings

Yearly, the NTPEP Oversight Committee and Membership convenes with participating industry to discuss improvements to NTPEP, AASHTO's growing technical service program. The annual meeting consists of concurrent working sessions by product Technical Committees under NTPEP -- Technical Committees oversee the many product types tested through NTPEP.

This national meeting is truly a "working" meeting where test and evaluation protocols are discussed and developed. It is one of the few AASHTO-sanctioned meetings where State DOTs and Industry work side-by-side to discuss national policy as it relates to proprietary, engineered products.

Shortly following the annual meeting, or at the meeting if a quorom is present, each Project Work Plan is balloted by the 52 AASHTO member departments. Results are immediately implemented in the form of field test decks or laboratory testing. When compared to other national forums, the NTPEP Oversight Committee's rapid implementation is quite impressive.

In advance of attending the meeting, registered participants may submit their questions and agenda items to their respective Technical Committee Chairman or through the NTPEP Liaison(s). Please find contact information by clicking on Membership on the left side menu.

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