​Join a Committee or Task Force


Who can join: State DOT Members of AASHTO as well as industry participants.
Duties: Updating the committee work plan, attending the annual meeting and participating on quarterly conference calls.

States may have more than one member on a technical committee – but each state is allotted only one vote on Technical Committee ballots.  Voting Members of our Technical Committees are employees of AASHTO member departments (State DOTs) who have an interest in - and technical knowledge of - the various products and manufacturing processes that are evaluated by NTPEP. 

There is an annual meeting each year that spans across four or five business days. Because there are often travel restrictions for state Members, AASHTO offers one (1) travel scholarship to states that have paid the annual NTPEP contribution.  We encourage participation through quarterly technical committee conference calls and web conferences. 

Industry representatives are also a valued part of the Technical Committee structure.  Representatives of industry providing products evaluated by the Technical Committee may be a member of the Technical Committee. If your company would like to have a representative to voice the concerns you may have regarding the NTPEP process on any Technical Committee, contact the Technical Committee Chair or AASHTO Liaison.  Industry representatives are not eligible to vote on committee ballots but are encouraged to participate in quarterly conference calls and web conferences.  The Technical Committee Chair may direct the industry members to designate a representative that will provide one voice for industry concerns and issues to the Technical Committee during the annual meeting. 

Remember – NTPEP is a member driven Technical Service Program.  We need your input and voice to make the program a true value to your state.

If you are interested in joining a technical committee, please visit the Membership link on the left side menu and contact the Chair and AASHTO Liaison for the technical committee which interests you.

Task Forces

The following Task Forces have been added to NTPEP. If you wish to be a member of any of the task forces please contact Katheryn Malusky, kmalusky@aashto.org  

If you'd like to become involved with any existing Technical Committees or programs under consideration, please submit your information below: