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Geosynthetics (GTX & REGEO)

Geosynthetics are materials manufactured from various types of polymers used to enhance, augment and make possible cost effective environmental, transportation and geotechnical engineering construction projects. They are used to provide one or more of the following functions: separation, reinforcement, filtration, drainage and liquid barrier.

Geotextiles are typically defined as flexible, textile-like fabrics of controlled permeability used to provide all of the above functions, except liquid barrier, in soil, rock and waste materials. It should be noted that natural fibre geotextiles (e.g. using jute) are manufactured in some parts of the world and these products are also considered to fall within the geotextile classification.

NTPEP is also studying use of geocomposite drains and geogrids. Geogrids are generally described as stiff or flexible polymer grid-like sheets with large apertures used primarily as reinforcement of unstable soil (and waste masses.)

The growth of these geosynthetic materials in Transportation, Geotechnical and Environmental related applications has been dramatic. Total use and sales of these materials are regularly increasing at rates of 10% to 20% per year in each of the above categories. (Source: International Geosynthetics Society, IGS)
The GTX and REGEO work plans can be found by clicking on Documents in the right side menu.
A list of participating Geotextile manufacturers with a quality management system found to conform to the NTPEP GTX work plan.​​

​Technical Committee Members
This roster is as up-to-date as AASHTO's official membership database. The columns are sortable by clicking on the column title.
Committee Name: NTPEP-Technical Committee on Geotextiles and Geosynthetics
NameEmail AddressAgency NameDesignationMember Type
Hidden, Scott North Carolina Department of Transportation Chair Voting
Brown, Sophie Oregon Department of Transportation Vice Chair Voting
Glick, Vince American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials Liaison None
Golden, Shannon G. Alabama Department of Transportation Member Voting
Herrera, Rodrigo A Florida Department of Transportation Member Voting
Hughes, Scott Eric Illinois Department of Transportation Member Voting
Sommers, Scott Michael Iowa Department of Transportation Member Voting
Davis, Jason Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development Member Voting
Sajedi, Dan Maryland Department of Transportation Member Voting
Lee, Derek Massachusetts Department of Transportation Member Voting
La Cour, Ian Mississippi Department of Transportation Member Voting
Mclain, Kevin Wade Missouri Department of Transportation Member Voting
Lindemann, Mark Nebraska Department of Transportation Member Voting
Burnett, Thomas W New York State Department of Transportation Member Voting
Merklin, Christopher Ohio Department of Transportation Member Voting
Berg, Ryan Ryan R. Berg & Associates, Inc. Member Non-Voting
Lostumbo, John TenCate Geosynthetics Member Non-Voting
Kern, Claudia Texas Department of Transportation Member Voting
Collin, James G The Collin Group, Ltd Member Non-Voting
Shi, Bin Utah Department of Transportation Member Voting
Kim, Wan Soo Virginia Department of Transportation Member Voting
Allen, Tony M Washington State Department of Transportation Member Voting
Baryluk, Greg R ADS, Inc. Other None
Davis, Kelli DDD Erosion Control, Inc Other None
Chuck, Fred Cordes Huesker, Inc. Other None
Curry, Jonathan Industrial Fabrics Association International Other None
Mandavkar, Sachin C. Maccaferri Inc. Other None
Andrews, David Propex Operating Company, LLC Other None
Bernardi, Michael Strata Systems, Inc. Other None
Steen, Carson Glenn Synteen Technical Fabrics Other None
Brown, Douglas N Tensar North American Green Other None
Allen, Sam R TRI/Environmental, Inc. Other None
Price, Michelle K US Fabrics Inc Other None


Technical Committee
Tony Allen (Chairman)
Washington DOT
(360) 709-5450
John Schuler (Vice-Chairman)
Virginia DOT
(804) 3328-3140
Jim Curtis
New York DOT
(518) 457-4735
Jason Davis
Lousiana DOT
(225) 248-4106
Ed Hughes
Illinois DOT
(217) 782-4689
Peter Kemp
Wisconsin DOT
(608) 246-7953
Mark Lindermann, PE
Nebraska Dept. of Roads
(402) 479-4752
Dan Sajedi
MD State Highway Administration
(443) 572-5162
Steven Thomas
Arkansas DOT
(501) 920-6744
Andrew Aho
Geosynthetic Materials Association (GMA), Industry Rep
(651) 225-6907
Davis Taylor
Thracelinq, Industry Rep
(843) 875-8240
Brian Whittaker
Fiberweb, Industry Rep
(615) 847-7500
Jonathan Guido
Oregon DOT
(503) 986-3993
Katheryn Malusky
AASHTO Liaison
(202) 624-3695