Epoxy and Resin Based Adhesive Bonding Systems (ERB)


Epoxy and resin based adhesives are chemical products utilized in highway construction for a host of different applications. Some of these applications include affixing raised pavement markers and traffic delineators to roadways, as well as dowel connectors in concrete pavement joints and sealing segments of posttensioned precast concrete structures. These products can be single component or multiple component systems and are available in wide variety of chemistries. This program is not intended and should not be used to qualify products for use in sustained load (creep) applications. The intent of this program is to assist state highway agencies with prequalifying epoxy and resin based adhesive bonding systems for use in applications where sustained loads do not exist.

The ERB technical committee is responsible for implementing and maintaining a NTPEP Project Work Plan that accomplishes this initiative The ERB technical Committee convenes annually at the NTPEP National Meeting. During this meeting, modifications to the work plan are discussed and then balloted for implementation.

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) has been chosen as the testing laboratory responsible for evaluating these products per the Project Work Plan (see Documents on the right side menu). The FDOT State Materials Office is an AASHTO R18, ISO 17025, and NELAC accredited testing facility.

NTPEP tests products according to a Project Work Plan, which describes the laboratory and/or field test protocols used to conduct the evaluation. The Project Work Plan is a consensus-based document, and includes peer review and input from industry experts. Each Project Work Plan is adopted after receiving at least two-thirds affirmative support from 52 AASHTO member states. The Project Work Plan is the basis for host states to conduct their testing and evaluation. When implemented by state DOTs, their own state standard specifications may supersede the NTPEP Project Work Plan. Industry is advised to be aware of state-level requirements, which may supersede basic NTPEP testing. 


Technical Committee Members
This roster is as up-to-date as AASHTO's official membership database. The columns are sortable by clicking on the column title. 
Committee Name: NTPEP-Technical Committee on Epoxy and Resin Based Adhesive Bonding Systems
NameEmail AddressAgency NameDesignationMember Type
Charoenpap, Richie richie.charoenpap@la.gov Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development Vice Chair Voting
Fragapane, Ryan rfragapane@aashto.org American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials Liaison Non-Voting
Ingram, Steven ingrams@dot.state.al.us Alabama Department of Transportation Member Non-Voting
Hughes, Scott Eric Scott.Hughes@illinois.gov Illinois Department of Transportation Member Voting
Ouyang, Chengsheng chengsheng.ouyang@iowadot.us Iowa Department of Transportation Member Non-Voting
Abu-Hawash, Ahmad ahmad.abu-hawash@iowadot.us Iowa Department of Transportation Member Non-Voting
Jones, Kevin kevin.jones@iowadot.us Iowa Department of Transportation Member Voting
Mitchell, Brandi Ramona brandi.mitchell@ky.gov Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Member Voting
Morris, Justin W justin.morris@la.gov Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development Member Voting
Lamberson, Julie julie.lamberson@modot.mo.gov Missouri Department of Transportation Member Voting
Kuniega, David H. dkuniega@pa.gov Pennsylvania Department of Transportation Member Voting
Shi, Bin bshi@utah.gov Utah Department of Transportation Member Voting
Thomas, Renee rthomas@atcepoxy.com Adhesives Technology Corp. Other Non-Voting
Bain, Scott scottbain@daytonsuperior.com Dayton Superior Corporation Other Non-Voting
Technical Committee
Paul Vinik (Chairman)
Florida DOT
(352) 955-6649
Derrick Castle
Kentucky DOT
(502) 564-3160
Dave Kuniega
Pennsylvania DOT
(717) 787-3966
Dan Segerman
Arizona DOT
602) 712-8577
Paul Sullivan
Arizona DOT
(602) 712-8205
Richie Charoenpap
Louisiana DOT
(225) 248-4217
Bill Real
New Hampshire DOT
(603) 271-3151
Alan Kegley
Mississippi DOT
(601) 359-1773
Katheryn Malusky
AASHTO Liaison
(202) 624-3695