Erosion Control Products (ECP)


The enormous problem of uncontrolled soil movement by water and wind has created the erosion control industry. The magnitude of the problem is often overlooked by those unfamiliar with the impact of erosion. As a single example, sediment the by-product of erosion) accounts for more than two-thirds of all pollutants entering U.S. waterways. Annual spending in the U.S. for mitigation of erosion and sedimentation is estimated at $13 billion.

The erosion control industry consists of a broad range of diverse professions and specialties, including hydroseeders, mat and blanket manufacturers, consulting engineers, landscapers and even earth moving contractors. All stake claims to separate or interrelated segments of this market. This army of professionals has two objectives in mind; the prevention of soil erosion, and the trapping of sediment before it enters the waterways.

One of the most rapidly growing and "high tech" segments within the industry has been the erosion control mat and blanket market. Erosion control products (i.e. mats and blankets) were first used in the form of jute mattings imported from Asia, but have quickly evolved to include organic fiber-filled and geosynthetic products. As the demand for mats and blankets grew, several different products were developed utilizing varying compositions and structures. Most of these products work in conjunction with vegetation to form a biocomposite solution to erosion control problems. The mat and blanket industry is unique in that it requires blending the professional disciplines of engineering (mat and blanket products, channel hydraulics, etc.), agronomics, and landscaping (i.e. vegetation). The wide variety of product types together with the blending of professional disciplines has led this segment of the industry to "self-regulate" it's activities to improve the use of erosion control products. -NTPEP-

Committee Name: NTPEP-Technical Committee on Erosion Control Products
NameEmail AddressAgency NameDesignationMember Type
Roney, Brennan A Georgia Department of Transportation Chair Non-Voting
Stegmaier, Tracy A. Alabama Department of Transportation Vice Chair Voting
Platte, Keith M American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials Liaison None
Huang, Stephanie Arizona Department of Transportation Member Voting
Lian, George Georgia Department of Transportation Member Voting
Hughes, Scott Eric Illinois Department of Transportation Member Voting
Matar, Ron Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Member Non-Voting
Gesso, Douglas Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Member Voting
Belz, Lori M Minnesota Department of Transportation Member Voting
Poe, Ronald E Nebraska Department of Roads Member Voting
Namburi, Raghu P V Oregon Department of Transportation Member Voting
Vaughan, Raymond Hayes South Carolina Department of Transportation Member Voting
Williams, Jacqueline South Carolina Department of Transportation Member Non-Voting
Iwasaki, Brandon Washington State Department of Transportation Member Voting
Rublein, John Wisconsin Department of Transportation Member Voting
Kemp, Peter J. Wisconsin Department of Transportation Member Non-Voting
Kelsey, Kurt American Excelsior Company Other Non-Voting
Hitt, Diane M East Coast Erosion Blankets, LLC Other Non-Voting
Honnigford, Laurie Erosion Control Technology Council Other Non-Voting
Ruzowicz, Benton Bancroft Georgia Soil and Water Conservation Commission Other Non-Voting
Harrison, Scott Terra Novo Other Non-Voting
Sprague, C Joel TRI/Environmental, Inc. Other Non-Voting
Nelson, Jarrett A TRI/Environmental, Inc. Other Non-Voting
Johns, J.P. Woolpert, Inc. Other Non-Voting

Technical Committee
Peter Kemp (Chair)
Wisconsin DOT
(608) 246-7953
Tracy Gore (ViceChair)
Alabama DOT
(334) 242-6244
Rachel Mills
Kentucky Transportation Cabinet
(502) 564-4780
Ronald Matar
Kentucky Transportation Cabinet
(502) 564-3280
Mark Lindemann
Nebraska DOT
(402) 479-4752
Ronald Poe
Nebraska DOT   
(402) 479-4499   
Guohua (George) Lian
Georgia DOT
(404) 608-4824
Samuel Collins
Kentucky Transportation Cabinet
(502) 564-4780
Stephen Bowling
Kentucky Transportation Cabinet
(502) 564-4780
William Real
New Hampshire DOT
(603) 271-3151
Raghu Namburi
Oregon DOT
(503) 986-3551
Ray Vaughan
South Carolina DOT
(803) 737-6378
Jackie Williams
South Carolina DOT
(803) 737-4901
Jarrett A. Nelson
TRI/Environmental, Inc.
(800) 880-8378

J.P. Johns
(864) 527-4646
Scott Harrison
Terra Nova, Inc.
(661) 392-9771
Diane Hitt
East Coast Erosion Blankets, LLC
(800) 582-4005
Joel Sprague
TRI/Environmental, Inc.
(864) 242-2220
Gabe Weaver (ECTC Liason)
Tensar International Corp.
(North American Green)
(270) 793-0671
Russell Dabbs
AASHTO Liaison 
(202) 624-7743