Work Plan
NTPEP tests products according to a Project Work Plan, which describes the laboratory and/or field test protocols used to conduct the evaluation. The Project Work Plan is a consensus-based document, and includes peer review and input from industry experts. Each Project Work Plan is adopted after receiving at least two-thirds affirmative support from 52 AASHTO member states. The Project Work Plan is the basis for host states to conduct their testing and evaluation. When implemented by state DOTs, their own state standard specifications may supersede the NTPEP Project Work Plan. Industry is advised to be aware of state-level requirements, which may supersede basic NTPEP testing.

User Guide
The userguide serves as an overview of the products and testing protocols encompassed by each technical committee.  It is the intent of the document to provide basic information about the products and their applications in the field.  Furthermore, the document should provide a brief explanation of the test procedures and guidance on how to interpret resulting data.

Asphalt Releas​e Agents User Guide

QC/QA Guide
The Quality Control/Quality Assurance guide is a guidance document that shall outline the methods and practices by which the test facilities shall implement good laboratory practices.  This includes, but is not limited to:
  • training requirements
  • certifications
  • equipment calibrations and maintenance
  • data validation
QC/QA Guide for Asphalt Release Agents